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P657 Truck Blower

  • CFM Range: 246 to 604 CFM
  • Blower RPM Range: 1000 to 2000 RPM
  • Multiple mounting configurations allow versatility when working around bulky drivelines, exhaust burners, and air tanks
  • Oil tanks on both ends eliminate manual greasing of the blower
  • Runs quieter, thanks to rotor profile and port designs
  • Durable Taper Lock allowing easy timing of the lobes
  • Large 1" sight glasses to view proper oil levels
  • Optional: Gauge Kit to monitor pressure and vacuum conditions
  • Drop in replacement for competitive Blower
  • Remote Breather Kit for severe duty environments available
  • Input shaft is 1-5/8" and comes standard with replaceable drive-shaft wear sleeve and Seal Guard
  • Various accessory options including Air Filters & Silencer Kits
  • Literature

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