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HydraAIR Oil Free Piston Air Compressor

  • Self Contained unit includes:
    • Piston Oil Free Air Compressor
    • Optional High Flow Oil Free Air delivery for optimal off-loading performance
    • Hydraulic Cooler
    • Hydraulic Return Filtration
    • Hydraulic Reservoir
    • Passenger Side Gauge Package: Hydraulic System Pressure, Hydraulic Filter Condition Indicator & Air Pressure
    • Selector Valve for either Air Compressor or Tractor/Trailer Hydraulic Auxiliary requirements
    • Air Connection 3/4" Chicago Fitting
    • Air Compressor Operation Valve
    • Optional Front Connection Panel for Hydraulic Hoses, In-Transit Heat & Trailer Air and Electrical connections
  • Custom Hose Rack is Optional 
  • Hose Rack designed to mount directly to the HydraAIR, for Chemical Hose & Air Hose Storage
    • Chemical Hose retention Eye Hooks included
  • Installation Requirements:
    • HydraAIR unit is 32.34" wide and 19.97" deep. With 3" for Air Flow, back of cab to front of HydraAIR is less than 23", allowing ample room for Trailer clearance
    • Flexible Mounting Feet for Frame Mounting allows installer to work around existing frame mounted components and fasteners
    • PTO and Hydraulic Pump are sold with the HydraAIR
    • Only Two Hydraulic Hose connections are required from the HydraAIR to the PTO/Hydraulic Pump simplifying the quick installation time of the HydraAIR to the Tractor
  • HydraAir weighs only 311 pounds for maximum truck pay loads
  • Paragon offers Custom Product Pump Packages or Hydraulic Drive kits for Chemicals, Crude, Oil or LPG applications that can be mounted and hydraulically driven by the HydraAIR. Tractor and/or Trailer Product Pump Packages are available, with up to 270 GPM Delivery.
  • Please see the detailed HydraAIR Brochure for more details or call us to discuss how the HydraAIR can be tailored to fit your Fleet's needs.